Clean up your tech

As the planet heats ever faster, the time to stop relying on fossil fuels to power our technology is now.

From manufacture and charging to browsing and streaming, our lives are increasingly dependent on internet-connected devices and powerful servers that are constantly consuming electricity. Most electricity is still generated by burning fossil fuels, but this doesn’t have to be the case. By actively choosing clean options we reduce our impact on the world and send a powerful message to governments and energy companies about the world we want to live in.

Businesses in all sectors rely on a range of online services (web hosting, email, file storage etc) that can help them dramatically reduce their footprint compared to running them in-house. However, many are still running on dirty power and contribute to the tech industry being a major emitter of greenhouse gases on a par with the aviation industry.

The good news is that clean-powered alternatives for these services are appearing and the barriers for those services to become clean themselves are low.

How clean is your tech?

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For more information about the relative green credentials of the big tech companies, see this report by Greenpeace.