Case study - CTO at Provenance

Provenance is a technology startup empowering everyone to make more informed decisions about the things they buy by allowing businesses to be transparent with their customers about how their products are made.

The web platform is used by hundreds of businesses from 1 person startups to the worlds largest consumer goods companies to capture data about the people and processes, locations and impact of their products and businesses and communicate this data on pack or embedded on websites, ecommerce and social media.

The software allows increased consumer trust by connecting supply chain businesses with 3rd parties such as certifiers and data providers and storing verified proof points on a blockchain to ensure the integrity of the data.

I got involved at a fairly early stage in the company’s development to help them solve some specific technical challenges and to audit the technology their team were building.

Over time my role grew to full-time CTO responsible for product and engineering. This included product and technical strategies and roadmaps, technical architecture, infrastructure and operations, hiring and team management and customer success.