Case study - Product Owner at Adaptive Lab

I worked as a consultant Product Lead for innovation consultancy Adaptive Lab on 2 projects during 2014 and 2015.


Barclaycard commissioned Adaptive Lab to help them re-invent the application process for Barclaycard’s commercial credit card product.

I worked with a mixed team of developers, designers, business analysts, technical architects and subject matter experts from 3 different companies to invent and define a better, digital-by-default application process.

My role was to understand the business needs, coordinate user research and testing, prioritise and manage the analysis and design of the proposed system and help the client become comfortable with digital and our agile approach.


Vodafone asked Adaptive Lab for help with an internal innovation lab they were running. We helped them with their innovation processes and took ownership of some concept development and research work around the concept of the connected home.

In particular we spent quite a bit of time on the idea of the connected car, developing concepts around theft detection, telematics-based driving statistics, car health insights and in-car connectivity and entertainment.

The work we did with them heavily informed their V-Auto product and their Vodafone Automotive service range generally.