About me

I’m a technical lead and CTO experienced in managing cross-disciplinary teams to craft web and mobile products quickly using Lean and Agile techniques.

I use my background in building internet / mobile things to help people with great ideas use the most appropriate technology in the right way to be successful.

I believe the why? is more important and harder to get right than the how?, so I focus on building a shared understanding of the problem and how we’re solving it.

I work best with other people and love getting my head around the people, culture and challenges of a new subject or industry.

My last few years have been spent making supply chains more transparent (as CTO at Provenance.org) and inventing all kinds of new products and services for organisations such as Vodafone, Barclaycard, Cancer Research UK, RSA, Flamingo International and many more.

Wherever I work, I’m always heavily involved in continuously improving processes as well as building and managing cross-disciplinary teams of happy, productive people.