About me

I have over 8 years of technical leadership experience building new products and services with startups, charities and enterprise organisations.

I help teams ship digital products and services that users and customers value.

“Ian was instrumental in helping me take the business from early prototype to a platform serving hundreds of businesses” - Founder & CEO at Provenance

I establish lean product discovery processes that ensure features with the highest impact are prioritised and I build and organise teams to get those features into the hands of users as quickly as possible.

I also work with business leaders to develop technology strategies and roadmaps to keep everyone in the loop.

I value happy, healthy, diverse and inclusive teams that work collaboratively and autonomously to solve problems and iterate quickly.

“The nicest guy in tech” - former colleague

Here are some of the ways I can help organisations:

  • Provide technical consultation and advice to early stage founders
  • Unblock product or engineering teams that are struggling to get products out of the door
  • Help re-shape teams and departments to facilitate better inter-disciplinary collaboration – e.g. between design and development
  • Plan for migrating infrastructure to a new cloud environment
  • Help define an appropriate target architecture for a maturing product
  • Perform a technical spike to investigate the potential for a new technology
  • Advise on managing client projects alongside core product development
  • Join in a CTO or Technical Lead role