Go Green: radically reduce your business's impact

Human beings, along with most of the creatures we share our planet with, are facing extinction. And it’s entirely our fault.

This is not exaggeration, it’s what is happening. And what is more, despite knowing about this for decades, the rate of decline is accelerating.

This reality can feel overwhelming and, beyond the sorts of small individual changes that many of us are already making, beyond our control.

Inspired by the many people in tech who are banding together to leverage skills, influence and power to address this emergency, I have decided to offer my skills to help businesses reduce their footprint.

Businesses have an outsized role to play in addressing the climate crisis and one of the biggest ways they can help is to drastically reduce their carbon footprint. One of the largest contributing factor’s in a tech company’s footprint is the energy used to power their tech infrastructure.

Many companies do not realise that, not only do zero-carbon hosting options exist, many of the biggest hosting providers (Amazon and Google) provide them out of the box in certain circumstances. While migrating to a new host might seem like a daunting task, for businesses that already host in the cloud, using modern operational practices, the change might be simpler than they think and, with some help, can be managed in parallel to business-critical product development efforts with little-to-no impact on delivery.

If you’d like to know more about how your business can contribute to a sustainable, liveable future on earth, get in touch now.

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